Crab Feed

In 1994, the founding SASF board members (Jerry Chong, Eddie Fong, Robert Fong, Don Lee, Ray Lee, Barry Lim, and Rodney Yung) were looking for an original way to raise funds for community gym. They came up with the idea of a hot cooked, Chinese Style Crab Feed. The goal was to sell 500 tickets at $22.50 each.

On the big day, the cooking crew labored over giant woks in the Confucius Hall kitchen. Volunteers passed pans of food up two flights of stairs and into the dining hall. Not knowing how the hot crab would be received, diners were served both hot and cold crab, along with white rice, fried rice, dinner rolls, salami, celery and carrot sticks, oranges, and fortune cookies. They were also treated to carafes of wine and complimentary bingo cards. Stuart Satow, the inaugural emcee, asked the crowd, “How do you like the Chinese Style crab?” The response was overwhelming. Today, the SASF crab feed continues to be a sold-out, annual event.

In 1998, the Sacramento Warlords began to host a second Chinese Style Crab Feed to support its growing number of basketball teams. The first Warlords crab feed was limited to 300 tickets, but the demand grew each year. Today we have over 800 guests served by more than 200 volunteers.

It has been over two decades since the inaugural crab feed. While many faces have changed over the years, there are many volunteers who have been there from the beginning. It is with their continual support and dedication that both crab feeds remain successful fundraising events. The Sacramento Warlords would like to thank all of its volunteers, past and present, for their time and effort. Our crab feed and our program depends on the generosity of its many supporters.

Coming Up

  Sacramento Warlords 23rd Annual Chinese Style Crab Feed
Saturday, January 23, 2021 @ SASF (9040 High Tech Court, Elk Grove)