In Memory of Ray

Ray Lee, 1945-2007

Raymond Lee, Founding Member

In 1993, Nancy and Raymond Lee envisioned a program that would provide more youth of the Sacramento community with the opportunity to compete in organized sports. With the help of Carole and Jerry Chong, Beverly and Rodney Yung, Mr. Barry Lim and the Confucius Physical Fitness Program, this vision became a reality. The Sacramento Warlords consisted of a single boys team in its inaugural season. Today, the program supports teams of boys and girls, grades 6 through 12. The success and longevity of the Sacramento Warlords is thanks to the continued efforts of our dedicated coaches, parents, volunteers and alumni.

Ray took great pride in the Sacramento Warlords Basketball Program and all of its players. He watched countless games in support of the sport he loved and the kids who played it. Ray was affectionately known for his boisterous laugh and witty remarks, and he will be remembered for his humor, compassion, and kindness. His heart was, and will always be, with us in the stands.

Ray’s legacy is carried on by the program he leaves behind, and by the Warlords who practice the program’s values of friendship, sportsmanship, and community. Ray would want all players, parents, and coaches, from all organizations, to remember that basketball is only a game. We are reminded that life is unpredictable, and we must take the time to appreciate the opportunities we are given, the lessons we learn, and the friends we make along the way.